"Reliable & Trustworthy System
With High Data Security"

Answers to your Questions

Q. What is BrickSoft?
A. BrickSoft is a complete management system developed for Brick Industry by Tech-City Pvt. Ltd.

Q. What does BrickSoft do?
A. BrickSoft provides an effective and reliable assistance in managing Brick Industry. It is an effective tool to manage sales, cash and expenses including management of patheri, bokaniya, madhesi, koila etc.. Instant reporting in BrickSoft allows you to view and print daily to annual reports as required. The interactive platform in Nepali medium allows self – learning environment which is helpful in lessening the workload and performing the work at an ease.

Q. Why to use BrickSoft?
A. BrickSoft lessens the workload and reduces human errors during data analysis and calculations. Reports presented by automated system in BrickSoft provide important and essential data for analyzing the financial and managerial state of the company and also helps in planning future policies.

Q. For whom is BrickSoft beneficial?
A. BrickSoft is beneficial to Brick Industry Entrepreneurs, Managers, Workers and every persons related to Brick Industry.

Q. How to get BrickSoft?
A. To get BrickSoft please contact Tech-City Pvt. Ltd. The details of the company are as follows:
Tech-City Pvt. Ltd.
Sukuldhoka – 8, Bhaktapur (located behind Aaraniko Sabhabhawan)
Ph. No. 6616102
Email: contact@techcity.com.np
Website: www.techcity.com.np

Q. Are there any other person or company authorized to sell BrickSoft?
A. Currently, we have not authorized any other person or company to sell or perform anything about BrickSoft. Tech-City Pvt. Ltd. is a sole authorized owner and distributor of BrickSoft.

Q. What are the criteria to get BrickSoft?
A. We recommend 2 months Trial Version of BrickSoft initially. A full version of BrickSoft is licensed for 1 year which has to be renewed every year. All the transactions are performed under the terms and conditions issued by the company.

Q. How do you provide services for BrickSoft?
A. Once you have obtained either Trial or Full Version of BrickSoft, Tech-City Pvt. Ltd. provides maintenance and service related to the BrickSoft.

Major Highlights of BrickSoft

  • A complete management system
  • Completely in Nepali medium
  • Effective for all levels
  • Daily to annual reporting
  • High data security