"Multitasking Automated Technology
With Instant Reporting"

Major features of BrickSoft

BrickSoft is a Complete Management System developed for Brick Industry. It provides an overall management system for sales, cash records, human resource (bokaniya, patheri, madhesi etc) management including a feature to Overview Income & Expenses. BrickSoft is a Specialized System for Brick Industry.

BrickSoft ensures a High Interactive Platform specially designed in Nepali Medium. The contents and the workspace are all in Nepali Medium which also encourage Self Learning Environment to the users. The Classified Item Heads just make the work Easier to Navigate through.

BrickSoft has Multitasking feature that allows Instant Transactions. The system in BrickSoft is designed such that a single user can handle multiple transactions at the same time hence it Lessens Workload. BrickSoft is powered with High Data Security which ensures High Reliablity of the data in future references too.

BrickSoft is well collaborated with Instant Reporting tools that allows users to view and print the reports at the same time with an ease. Users can get Daily to Annual Reports as their requirement. The Automated Technology used in BrickSoft for data analysis and calculation is highly Trustworthy.

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